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Francesca Corra, landscape designer

This project was designed by Francesca Corra, owner of landscape design firm Dirt Diva Designs. In her role as Vice President of SCBA, Francesca is in charge of the hands-on design aspect of most projects. To date she has designed and supervised installation of The Oasis, Maxwellton Triangle, Ventura Place, the Radford Art Walk, and the Oakdale Sanctuary.

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A Note From Francesca...

"Since the projects that SCBA does are so visible to all our residents and visitors, we take very seriously our obligation to set a good example by using sustainable practices. No only do we beautify, but we do it using climate appropriate plants and water saving techniques. When we undertake a project all unwanted vegetation is removed without using any chemicals. We use worm castings and mycorrhizal inoculants at planting time to build a healthy soil. Our maintenance crews hand pull weeds and they are under strict orders not to use gas powered blowers.

During the installation of the Art Walk, we enjoyed meeting many residents of the area who expressed their appreciation for our efforts. We are all very grateful to those who continue to keep an eye on things for us and to everyone who visits. I have been told by more than one person that their dog loves the Art Walk as much as they do. One neighbor recently described the Art Walk as "the jewel of the neighborhood". Hearing things like that make it all worthwhile."

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