Radford Art Walk 1.png

Art Walk 

Project Details

The idea for the Radford Art Walk was conceived years before it finally became a reality. Local artist Karl Johnson was creating so many sculptures that he was running out of room to store them.

The sculptures came to the attention of CBS President Michael Klausman, who liked the pieces and very kindly offered Karl a storage area on the lot. CBS also put one of the sculptures just inside the main gate. But they didn't want to just hide them on the lot. They needed to be shared. Michael and Karl had often spoke about creating an art walk along Radford, where CBS had landscaped a long stretch along their western border The SCBA chose thirteen sculptures that all have their own unique and interesting message. It was necessary to put in a path so that people could stroll comfortably and safely and enjoy the sculptures. New plants were added to fill in and complement the sculptures and all the irrigation was reconfigured. Karl also created a seating area on the north end, including a matching trash container. The Art Walk was completed in the spring of 2012.